Do UFOs really exist?

Probably not.

At least, currently there is not enough compelling evidence to support either their existence or visits to earth from space men. But, this doesn’t stop people believing. In fact, something like four million Americans think they have been abducted by an alien craft and many have abduction insurance.

Last night in Australia on Channel 7, a story aired about the release of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) “X-files”. It seems a little strange to me that this report has only just aired – the files were released some months ago.

In any case, the report consisted of “eye witness accounts” in the form of “actual audio” from air force employees, played over fairly credulous looking UFO footage of space craft flying low over trees, with a powerful searchlight. The doco neglected to reveal that the footage was stock special-effects footage, but nevertheless…

The report also showed a UFO hovering over a level railway crossing in Australia. This photograph was debunked as a fly speeding past the lens many years ago, by our own Steve Roberts. I wonder who did the research for this show…

In any case, our own favourite sceptic, Richard Saunders, (or TRS to his friends and my Mum) was invited onto the Channel 7’s morning show “Sunrise” to discuss the “doco” this morning. Take a look at the clip below. Go Richard!

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  • David C.

    I’m normally quite sceptical about these things as well. While I believe that the stories that you hear about alien abductions are most likely based on dreams, I have had one experience that is difficult to explain and that I know was not a dream because my sister can confirm it. Actually, given that I suffer from bipolar disorder I’m well aware of how my vivid dreams can sometimes get jumbled up with reality.

    Anyhow, this incident occured about 2 and a half decades ago in the local park where I grew up in Brisbane. My sister and I were playing on swings and slides when she spotted something in the sky and drew my attention to it. It looked like a gridiron, with the pointy ends aligned horizontally and a vertical stripe towards each end. Because at first I thought it was a football, I immediately looked to the ground to see if anyone was under it but there was nobody in the park. The object moved across the sky in a perfectly straight line and at a constant speed and was visible for no more than 20 to 30 seconds before it disappeared over the trees and houses. I’ve not seen anything like it since.

    I know it is not tangible evidence of anything, just an unusual experience.

  • turkey101

    Nice tip o’ the hat to Mr George Hrab there, Richard!! 😉

  • I have to disagree with the first few lines. UFO’s definitely do exist. UFO’s have been documenteded hundreds if not thousands of times. Fortunately, most UFO’s that are documented later become IFO’s. IFO of course stands for Identified Flying Object, as opposed to UFO which is nothing more and nothing less than an Unidentified Flying Object. Neither term is (or at the very least should be) synonymous with alien space ships.

    Speaking of alien space ships – believing in them, that’s just plain nuts.