Funny how this ad which first appeared in 1977, is suddenly relevant again. Still, I reckon it could work again. What do you think?

Watch the video here, which Richard found!

Thanks to @SkepticZone for this. From this website, which says “Copyright Information: This item is in the public domain.” So, go ahead and distribute it!

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  • I was only one when that ad went to air, but I seem to have vague memories of it. It might have been used for a few years…or I might have repressed memories.

  • Great poster! I wrote a little article on the subject of Jenny McCarthy and the anti-vax crowd on my little blog recently. If you’d like to take a peak, it’s

    Thanks. I love the podcast and all the hard work you’re doing to help spread scientific understanding!

  • Any bet if we started using this, despite the fact it’s in the public domain according to the source, lucas will still come after anyone and everyone for copyright infringement.

  • We have an original copy of this poster in our office. We love Star Wars and vaccines. May the Force Be With YOU!

  • it worked in 1977 maybe it can work over thirty years later… the tv commercial was just as great (as seen via link) 😀 although i don’t remember either the poster or commercial… oh! that’s right maybe i wasn’t born yet 😉

  • Perhaps the could do a new campaign but with characters from Twilight