The Australian Skeptics have produced an open letter to the parents of Australia, warning them about the dangers of taking vaccination advice from The Australian Vaccination Network.

open letter vax

To download a high resolution pdf version, click here. We encourage you to distribute this widely; drop off a copy at your local child care centre or pin one of the community notice board.

We need as many parents as possible to see this information to warn them about the dangers and consequences of taking advice about vaccines from scaremongering groups such as the AVN.

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  • annymorris

    To Ken, I wouldn’t say so. The vaccination theme becomes hotter and hotter. Especially for those who are expecting to have a vaccine soon.

  • Ken

    Many people just glance at these things, and come away with only the most visible sections. The prominence of the quote from AVN is thus a negative. If they must be quoted, it should be in ordinary type (preferably buried in a paragraph), and some text helpful to your cause should be pulled out for the large-font quote.