Australian Skeptics are proud and excited to announce TAM! Australia in 2010.

tam_aust_wwwNovember 26-28, 2010 will be the very first TAM! Australia in Sydney. In the first round of guest announcements made last night at the Brisbane annual convention, are international sceptical singer George Hrab, The team from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, The Amazing Randi, Brian Dunning from Skeptoid, and local acts Dr Krissy Wilson and Dr Karl.

The venue is the Sydney Masonic Centre right in the heart of Sydney.

The latest line-up and ticketing details are now on the Australian Skeptics website and will updated as news comes to hand.

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  • Steve Roberts

    Yes, but I will attend anyway. Quality speakers go with high prices.

  • Stephen

    Sorry, but the pricing is outrageous.

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  • Alex

    Ooh, sweet. That is a much shorter trip than America.

  • Sean the Blogonaut

    I guess I will have to go now. No excuses.