This fun little board game comes from the website Crackpot Bingo.

There are all kinds of crazy versions to choose from on the site, from creationists to physics cranks to my favourite, anti-vaxers. As the site says, “Phun phor the whole phamily!” Go check it out.

anti-vaxer bingo

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  • aquariussphere

    I tried playing this and it’s astonishing how easily I won with the vast majority of YouTube videos.

  • Chris: Thanks, good suggestions. I added them to the rotation. I usually troll woo and crank websites for additional entries, but haven’t had time recently.

    Also, thank you, Dr. Rachie for your tireless work fighting medical woo and nonsense.

    And a very special F-U to anti-vaxers everywhere.

  • Chris

    I noticed this is missing something that I am dealing with now. Someone posted this comment on another blog:

    So what if people are getting measles! Measles used to be a rite of passage. Same with chicken pox. So what if the children are miserable.

    What is missing is the “Diseases aren’t that bad”

    Oh, and “No gets those diseases any more!”