Aussies who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Phil Plait’s wonderful Discovery show Bad Universe, you’re in for a treat!

Bad Universe will be screening here in 2011 on Foxtel/Austar. I’ve just been advised that the first episode, Asteroid Apocalypse, will screen on Discovery Channel on Sunday January 16th at 7:30 pm. Alien Attack follows a week later (7:30 pm on 23 January 2011) then Death Stars on 30 January 2011 also at 7:30 pm (check local guides for details).

Don’t miss the first episode where Phil destroys Sydney with an asteroid. Don’t blame him, it was the producers idea. Sure Phil. Holy haleakala to you too.

Thank you to Mark Dawson for the tip off.

#1 Sydney in Peril!

Cartoon by Richard Saunders

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  • I’ve made numerous inquiries to ABC and SBS (the two stations most likely to air it) but unfortunately am yet to get a response back.

  • Jess

    and for us non-foxtel people? Heard it was on through the SGU podcast where Phil was guest rogue-ing. Announced it was going to be one for 16th and next 3 weeks after that but didn’t mention the actual channel. So was looking through sbs/abc/9/7 to no avail. No pay tv/discovery channel -Sad. Face.

  • Mark

    Tonights the night, its going to be alright!

  • Dave

    Seen it…..BRILLIANT!!!

  • Sandra

    this has been added to my calendar. 🙂

  • Mark

    I got the info from the January 2011 Foxtel Guide which is usually correct. I hope this is not one of those rare instances when it isn’t.

  • I think you might be right Robin!

  • Robin Hilliard

    Hmm, Isn’t Phil’s brother’s name “Sydney”?