Last week, 14 year old Natalie Morton died just hours after receiving the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer.

Reports say she felt faint, passed out at school, and was unable to be revived by paramedics. Autopsy results released this week, reveal that she died from a malignant tumour, meaning the cause of death was unrelated to the vaccine.

Never mind that these are the facts being presented to us, the anti-vax lobby have latched onto this death as evidence that the HPV vaccine kills. They have even gone so far as to  call the autopsy report fake and the pathologist who conducted the autopsy a liar.

This from NaturalNews dot com.

Today, the mainstream media is reporting an obviously-fabricated explanation for her death. A pathologist is declaring that Natalie died from a “malignant chest tumor” that just coincidentally and suddenly killed her within hours after she received the cervical cancer vaccine.

The opinion piece, written by Mike Adams, goes onto suggest that the explanation is purely a cover up to protect the billion dollar vaccine industry.

He continues;

The continuation of global cervical cancer vaccination programs — which generate billions in profits — absolutely required blaming Natalie’s death on something other than the vaccine. Blaming it on cancer is very easy to do, since every person living today has cancerous micro-tumors in their body right now. All the pathologist had to do was locate such a micro-tumor in Natalie’s body, then dismiss the vaccine altogether.

As a lawyer friend of mine pointed out, these statements constitute serious defamation against the pathologist, in particular this statement;

“But why would a pathologist cover up the true cause of Natalie Morton’s death?..”.

And then this statement about the executives of the vaccine manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline;

“It takes a real cold-hearted CEO to watch your product potentially kill a 14-year-old girl in mere hours and then continue to recommend that same product to millions more”.

Then, in an even more preposterous link, the author suggests a statement by a GSK spokesperson which says “GSK’s deepest sympathies lie with the parents at this very sad time” is merely a Freudian slip since it contains the word “parents” and “lie”.

Good grief.

The editors of Natural News would be wise to fact check their stories and ensure they are not putting themselves at risk of defamation suits by allowing their contributors to make such accusations. Mind you, they don’t have a reputation for fact checking before publishing stories, as is evidenced by their recent publication about an alleged lawsuit challenging compulsory vaccination in the USA, which turned out to be a hoax. The retraction can be read here or is reproduced below.

“(NaturalNews) Editor’s Note: It has come to our attention that the following article is factually incorrect. It was written by a contributing writer, then approved by an in-house editor who did not catch the significant errors in this article. As a result of these significant errors, and due to our commitment to publishing only true and accurate information to the best of our ability, we have made an editorial decision to reject further articles from this author.

“NaturalNews deeply regrets this unintentional error, and we are brainstorming new ways to put in place tighter fact-checking oversight so that the same mistake does not happen again in the future. We thank all those who have brought this important matter to our attention, and we pledge to increase our efforts to reject stories that contain factual inaccuracies.

“For the record, what was factually incorrect about the story (which we confirmed by phone with a clerk of United States District Court of Trenton, New Jersey) is that no such injunction has been filed. Thus, the entire premise of the story was factually incorrect.

“Here at NaturalNews, we strive to bring you accurate, honest information on these topics, and we deeply regret the unintentional publishing of the inaccurate information that previously appeared in this article space.”

This also resulted in the AVN publishing and distributing an incorrect press release, which was never retracted, despite several people politely suggesting that this would be the right thing to do.

My mate even suggested that if the editors of Natural News have any money they might soon be separated from it.

One would expect, if you are accusing pharmaceutical companies of cover-up and fraud you might wanna check your own facts. Because one thing’s for sure, Big Pharma are certainly not lacking in money, legal muscle or time.

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