Welcome to the Sceptics’ Book of Pooh-Pooh. This blog began following the reality television show “The One, the Search for Australia’s Number One Psychic”.

Inspired by the response to a logical, rational explanation offered up by Richard Saunders’ , Stacey Demarco exclaimed, “That’s excuse numberĀ  256 from the sceptics book of pooh-pooh!” Well we were intrigued, we knew of no such book. And when our search came up blank, we thought bugger it, we’ll write it!

So here it is! A place for us to vent our spleens on anything we want to really. We begin with some of the excuses from the other side when their cold reading, or telemetry or remote viewing or the art-of-making-shit-up goes wrong.

Because in science there are no excuses, just the facts.

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