I discovered that the AVN website was down this morning. I thought nothing of it really, assuming it was just a technical glitch and would be fixed in due time. Well, it seems this is not the case.

The AVN president Meryl Dorey has just advised her subscribers that three domains have been suspended following a ‘legal complaint’ to their American host.

In an e-newsletter titled “AVN under attack” Dorey says the following;

“I came home this afternoon after doing our week’s grocery shopping, to find that all 3 of our domains have been suspended by our American server. When I contacted them, they told me that the reason for the suspension was a ‘legal’ complaint they had received. They would not give me any other information about the complaint so I have to wait to speak with their legal department next week.”

But then she says something very interesting;

“As soon as I hung up the phone with the web hosting company, I received a phone call from a friend who works in the Australian media. This person warned me that a media smear campaign against the AVN is about to start. They said that this campaign has been planned for some time and that it will involve trying to link the AVN with pornographic material.”

Okay, bizarre. And a little bit crazy. A smear campaign designed to link the AVN to porn? Sounds strange and a little bit pointless to tell you the truth. I’m not sure what this is designed to achieve. I hope Meryl knows and trusts her media source, cause this sounds a little too outlandish to be true.

Yet, the AVN has had a rough 12 months, so perhaps Meryl is inclined to believe anything at the moment. There are numerous complaints pending about the organisation, including an ongoing investigation by the Health Care Complaints Commission for spreading bad health advice and one with the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing for alledegly trading as a charity without a valid license for more than 2 years.

Meryl describes the last 12 months in a slightly more hysterical fashion;

1- The spurious complaint against the AVN and myself with the HCCC.
2- Harassment of our advertisers.
3- Harassment of our professional members.
4- Death threats by email and telephone.
5- Establishment of websites and blogs specifically intended to stop the AVN.
6- Ridiculous accusations which state that the AVN supports conspiracy theories including the Illuminati and alien body-snatchers.
7- Harassment of the families of AVN supporters which, among other things, includes the posting of personal and business details on the internet.
8- Complaints filed with the Department of Fair Trading.
9- Complaints filed with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.
10- Complaints filed with ASIC.
11- Attempts to stop AVN-hosted seminars.
12- Hacking of the AVN website and email server.
13- Accusations that AVN supporters are child murders.
14- Threats to file defamation lawsuits.
15- Legal complaints which have shut down our website and email server.
16- Harassment of people who have donated to the AVN including tampering with their websites.

But the facts are pretty straight forward in this case. The AVN disseminates dangerous and inaccurate information about vaccines to vulnerable parents, who are then frightened into not vaccinating. Children are getting sick, some are dying.

It is therefore not such a bad thing that this information is removed from the public domain for a few days at least. It could save some kids’ lives.

Read the full text of the e-newsletter here.

UPDATE: Ms Dorey’s suggestion that a smear campaign is about to commence linking her to porn may be a little late off the mark. There exists an adult website called AVN.com for Adult Video Network, which has been in existence for a very long time. Is this what her ‘anonymous media caller’ was referring to? Hat tip to TAG for making this connection.

UPDATE#2: It seems most likely that the website being suspended is a mix up in a complaint against the adult site AVN. There has been mention of child pornography allegations, making it most likely that the American service provider banned the AVN.org not AVN.com

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  • ‘A smear campaign designed to link the AVN to porn? Sounds strange and a little bit pointless to tell you the truth. I’m not sure what this is designed to achieve.’

    Umm, yeah. I’d have thought it’s a basic marketing task to check that you don’t choose the same name as the world’s biggest porn awards for your business.

    If the AVN are linked to porn, there’s no-one to blame except Meryl.

  • Isn’t AVN also the standard abbreviation for the house organ (pun intended) of the porn biz, Adult Video News? Perhaps someone somewhere got the wrong ‘nym.

    Though doubtless any card-carrying anti-vaccine wingnuts will see Dark Conspiracy rather than incompetence. They always do, after all.

  • This is what happens when you fail to do a google (image) search before naming your organisation.

  • nudel

    Although they’re back on track – I_know_users… and it’s comforting to ponder the amount of times a search for the Australian Vaccination Network will inevitably result in well meaning individuals stumbling across the Adult Video Network. 🙂

  • “It seems most likely that the website being suspended is a mix up”
    Well that’s not much of a conspiracy is it? Where’s the secrecy, the subterfuge, the conniving? Where’s the tin foil or the shape-shifters?
    The AVN site is back up today. We await the announcement from Meryl that it was all a big mistake, that the “septics” weren’t to blame and that there is was no conspiracy after all, despite what her “friend who works in the Australian media.” might think.
    Holding breath for apology starts… now…

  • Paul

    The arsenic, lead and elemental mercury contaminants in the herbs she loves are taking a deadly toll. Chelation must be in order.

    For a Conspiracy Theorist, she’s workin’ that “Problem-Reaction-Solution” model hard. This is about the 10th loudly broadcast “problem” in as many weeks. The “reaction” will be loudly proclaimed “Poor, Wonderful, Brave, Selfless, Generous Meryl” emails – written by articulate anon impostors who sound nothing like any MEMBERS!!!!!. And the “solution” will be a call for donations.

    Doesn’t this woman know a good lie needs a dash of credibility. ‘A friend in the media who knew for some time…?’

    By golly! A narcissist able to reciprocate with another human being using the very interpersonal thinking she is incapable of? Fascinating! I thought criminally oriented cult leaders who “befriend” only to exploit/attack/humiliate people kinda struggle on the friend side.

    And a friend in that same “sycophantic conformist” media who Meryl dissects when they publish simple realities on her criminal conduct, don’t peddle hysteria, or suggest the horror or robust health isn’t an abuse of the right to infect innocent children across Australia?

    More lies. This’ll be followed by a rejigged call for funds. Much like her baby stealing gig which gave the Fighting Fund wheels – even a “Donation Challenge” – all done by anons of course.

  • Meryl’s #6 complaint is irrefutable – she did post a link to the “illuminati” article written by lizard-people conspiracy theorist David Icke. She might not have known it was by Icke since she linked to a (now deleted) copy of it published under a pseudonym but that’s irrelevant since it was a tin-foil-hat extravaganza of conspiracy with or without his name on it.
    The article is still there on her blog with the dead link. But there’s enough there to correctly connect it with the Icke original – now moved to here.
    So how is it ridiculous to associate her with an article she, herself, posted and linked to on her own blog without a word of dissent or disagreement. What else were we supposed to conclude but that she supported the views within it?
    And given that the AVN’s advice puts childrens’ lives at risk every day, linking them with porn seems somewhat redundant.