I got a heads up to Meryl being on the Howard Sattler show on Radio 6PR Perth today.

Meryl is in town for her second anti-vaccination seminar at the WA State Library. I tweeted it so everyone else could experience the joy of Meryl’s inaccurate and misleading information about vaccines (share the love and all that).

My tweet was seen by someone on Howard Sattler’s show and Howard asked Meryl if she knew of a “Dr Rachael Dunlop” who has been tweeting that she was on. Meryl said she did know of me and I was “not a medical doctor”.

Well no, I’m not and I’ve never said I was Meryl. My qualifications are not hard to find.

Which leads me to enquire, what kind of doctor are you Meryl?


You can hear the full audio here.

It includes the same nonsense we have come to expect from “Australia’s leading expert on vaccination” including the corker that vaccines are not sugar water, then applauding a parent for choosing sugar water (ie homeopathy) to vaccinate their kids.

Meryl, you keep bleating about “freedom of speech” and “democracy” but when people’s health is at risk these things do not apply. What if I want to exercise my right to free speech by yelling “BOMB!” on a plane? Well I can’t (and I wouldn’t) because it potentially puts people’s lives at risk. Same goes for yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded cinema when there is not one. Laws exist in our society for the safety of the masses and this includes HCCC rulings about what constitutes medical advice.

The HCCC has ruled against you Meryl. This doesn’t mean you can’t spout your opinions – you just have to make everybody aware they are opinions and should not be construed as medical advice. And hey, if you want that to change enrol in uni, do a post-grad medicine course. With 20 years of research behind you already it should be a doddle.

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  • Heh – for the “full audio” I was expecting this:


  • I’d like her Meryl to continue to step in it. She seems to be triggering an escalating, ever-high profile campaign of self-discrediting. Keep it up, Meryl!

  • Mark

    I realise that association does not neccessarily mean causation but it would be interesting the plot the increase in vaccine preventable illnesses in Australia against the lifespan of the AVN.

  • Mark

    So Meryl has 20 years of research. If you research BS for 20 years then that makes one an expert in BS.

  • Michael Kingsford Gray

    Ah… talkback shock-jox.
    The absolute acme of peer-reviewed science.

  • The HCCC report and my complaint to them are not attempting to limit anyone’s freedom of choice or freedom of speech, nor impose compulsory vaccination. People are entitled to make free choices, but those choices must be based on fact, not the misleading, selective, anecdotal, biased, and dishonest information such that published by the AVN and Ms Dorey.

    Isn’t it about time someone took this issue to MediaWatch? After all, Sattler’s prmotion of “free speech” is likely to cause decreased vaccinations, more suffering, more hospitalisations, more public expense, and more deaths.

  • Jeff Keogh

    Unless my maths is wrong, I take today to be the 14th day from the date of the HCCC’s letter to Meryl. Therefore, if she’s not to contravene their ruling she ought to have her disclaimer up before tomorrow.

    My money is on her failing to do so.

  • Grendel

    She was handing out advice tonight! And I didn’t hear a disclaimer, in fact whe referred to the AVN as “the second opinion” which to most people would read as claiming the same knowledge and authority as members of the medical profession. Meryl needs to catch up on her Spiderman, since she claims great power she needs also be be greatly responsible, and that is something she fails at with regard to vaccination.

  • Have the Australian Skeptics or another group given any indication that they’ll ask for a right of reply?

    It’d certainly put Sattler’s waffling about free speech to the test.

  • Deb

    What were the limits of the HCCC ruling? She’s spouting the same nonsense about balance, can she do that? I suppose that because it’s WA and radio she can get away with it.

  • Grendel

    Out over over 15 attempts I have had only one comment published on the AVN blog. I have tried with my ‘grendel’ persona, as well as others, just in case Meryl has an aversion to ancient Anglo-Norse monsters.

  • @Andy
    Broccoli, like cabbage, almonds and horseradish is also high in thiocyanate, the end product of cyanide http://www.clinchem.org/cgi/content/full/43/1/184. Thus, these veges contain CYANIDE! That’s like poison! ARGHH

  • AndyD

    “and we have no idea if she limits… further responses” (sigh)

  • AndyD

    She does allow some sceptical comments on the blog but rebuts them with nonsense, making the effort worthless (and we have no idea if she limits. In the comments on her Kerri Anne post she says in response to one sceptic: “If a substance contains poisons, it IS a poison.”
    So I checked out broccoli and see that it contains zinc, iron and phosphorous – all are known toxins. Phosphorous is used in herbicides, pesticides and as a nerve agent in biological weapons – and is explosively unstable.
    By Meryl’s account, broccoli is not only poisonous but will explode on contact with oxygen.
    Can anyone recommend a vegetable that doesn’t contain ANY poisons?

  • KittyB

    ohhh! I love how she feels the need to point out the fact that you aren’t a ‘medical doctor’, when she never points that fact out about ‘Dr’ Veira Schreibner…

  • Grendel

    I heard Mr Sattler’s rather woeful performance with Meryl. Since when has this been an issue about free speech? No one is telling Meryl that she can’t say whatever she likes, just that she can’t offer it as medical advice or without appropriate disclaimers. I notice that Me Sattler did not ask hard questions and then challenged ‘gutless’ skeptics to call in on his radio program to challenge Meryl.

    The suite of callers who did make it through the switchboard may as well have been a line-up of AVN people and given the tiny minority the represent it is remarkable how many of the ‘supporters’ were heard from. However, talkback radio is no venue for this kind of debate where someone like Meryl can spout whatever she likes without having to be checked on reference. Most of us would prefer to engage with her online where references and material can be exchanged, however this. Is nearly impossible with the AVN as. They have routinely refused to permit comments on their blog, no matter how polite or erudite. The AVN appear to be afraid of the very thing that they accuse skeptics of – free speech.

    Meryl provided no new information and once again shifted this as an issue from her credibility to “we’re being repressed by the evil skeptics”. It was a soggy mess and sadly Mr Sattler did not display any critical thinking skills at all.