My friend Fuzztwin came across this today.

I was very confused and initially dismissed it as a fault with my browser. However, I’m afraid to say, it is true. Somebody did a Google Image search for “Meryl Dorey” and rather than checking that the picture they found was in fact her, they simply popped up a picture of me!

I is Meryl Dorey!

Some of my more mischievous friends have suggested this is in fact a good thing, since now I can feasibly¬† impersonate Meryl at conferences and tell the truth about vaccines! And by that, I mean put an end to the lies and misinformation perpetuated by the AVN. Tempting isn’t it?

Below are the results of a Google Image search (click on the image for better resolution), and may explain how these people ended up using a picture of me and not the real Meryl Dorey. I wonder, should I be amused or offended? Hmm..

Googleimage search

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  • @matty_K

    Genius hey?

  • So it is all a big pharma conspiracy.
    Rachie under the guise of Meryl Dorey started the AVN so that we would fight the organisation to push the effectiveness of vaccinations.

  • That. Is. Epic.

    *I* want to be Meryl Dorey!

  • Pretty much says it all really doesn’t it. Why do people listen to the woman. Her idiocy needs to be well and truly buried to the back pages of some crackpot tabloid

  • Luke Weston

    Check their sources? You mean, research and evidence and facts? Can’t have any of that, now can we?

  • A rhetorical question; why did they not check their sources?

  • **Do it** (Impersonate Dorey)

    You know you want to.