My friend Fuzztwin came across this today.

I was very confused and initially dismissed it as a fault with my browser. However, I’m afraid to say, it is true. Somebody did a Google Image search for “Meryl Dorey” and rather than checking that the picture they found was in fact her, they simply popped up a picture of me!

I is Meryl Dorey!

Some of my more mischievous friends have suggested this is in fact a good thing, since now I can feasibly¬† impersonate Meryl at conferences and tell the truth about vaccines! And by that, I mean put an end to the lies and misinformation perpetuated by the AVN. Tempting isn’t it?

Below are the results of a Google Image search (click on the image for better resolution), and may explain how these people ended up using a picture of me and not the real Meryl Dorey. I wonder, should I be amused or offended? Hmm..

Googleimage search

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