We all accept that governments are capable of doing some pretty stupid things.

A fine example is recent plans by the Australian Government to censor the internet. Insane and likely impossible. And in New South Wales, stupidity occurs on a daily basis. Some of you may recall the recent foot-in-mouth by the Premier Nathan Rees, when he suggested we may wish to further investigate the existence of the mythical Penrith Panther.

Well, this one might just top the lot. An article which appeared in the Courier Mail this week reported that The Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Campbell Newman has called for a feng shui make over of the Chinatown Mall in Fortitude Valley. According to the report dated December 17 th, the Mayor said the aesthetics of the mall are apparently “draining its wealth, prosperity and luck.”

Further, he explained that according to feng shui principles, the design of the Chinatown Mall meant valuable visitor dollars were being washed away with the site’s qi, or energy, every day into nearby Wickham Street. Hoping to rectify the situation, Cr Newman yesterday unveiled plans for an $8 million feng-shui approved revamp of the mall which will include three terraced zones split into Chinese dynasty themes.

The revamp has been prompted by safety issues surrounding the pagodas and other decorations in the mall. A legitimate reason for upgrading sure, but is it really necessary to include feng shui nonsense in this upgrade? Although there is no mention in this article of the cost of consulting a feng shui professional, I assume the council either has, or plans to do so. And exactly what will these so-called professionals actually do? Charge the council thousands to “make-shit-up” mostly likely.

Perhaps this is an example of the council pandering to the Chinese community. But need I remind Cr Newman that it’s engineering which enables buildings to stand up, not some namby-pamby ancient wisdom, feng shui bullshit.

If I were a Brisbane resident, I would certainly be asking questions as to why my council is wasting my precious taxes on this brand of nonsense.

‘Nuff said.

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