Wanna get paid to not vaccinate? Read on…

I just finished a conversation with my school friend who has two girls, one 15 months and the other 3 years, about vaccination. She relayed to me a story about her mothers and babies group where one such mother had steadfastly refused to have her kids immunised and was making a song and dance about the fact. This erked my friend, since she has been vigilant about getting both her girls immunised according to the Australian Government’s recommendations. She informed me that when you get your kids vaccinated in Australia, the government (in fact, Centrelink) send you $200 for the privilege.

It seems they also send this money to conscientious objectors. The objector in question proudly told my friend she had signed a statutory declaration, under the watch of her GP, detailing her reasons for not having her kids vaccinated. Despite this, the Australian government still sent her the $200, normally reserved for those who have their kids immunised. This mother was very proud of the fact, which eventually resulted in her being involved in a rather large argument with the rest of the parents who were essentially protecting her child via herd immunity.

This is interesting to know for me, as a non-parent, and as a person interested in the anti-vacc crowd, since they never seem to mention that you also get money for refusing to get your kids vaccinated. However, they are very quick to mention that doctors get paid for reporting the vaccination of kids.

Hypocrisy? I will do some further research and get back to you, but I smell a rat.

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