Some people my age might be out at the pub on a Thursday night. Or late night shopping, or something else that involves human interaction.


Well I trawl the internet searching for people who are “wrong” and need to be told so. And so it was, that during a search for Dr Peter Ford on ABC Adelaide local radio I was pleasantly surprised (okay reader, I did let out an eeeep!) to find a picture of my Dad on the front page of the website!

The proud Dunlops, L-R Sally, Moi, Moose and Minnie

The proud Dunlops, L-R Sally, Moi, Moose and Minnie

In the lead up to Anzac Day, Dad has done an interview for local ABC radio entitled “Soldiers of Misfortune” detailing his experiences in the Vietnam War and his subsequent fight for the entitlements of veterans.

Some of you may recall his work with veterans contributed to him being awarded an Order of Australia medal on Australia Day, 2009. You can see a transcript of the interview, or hear the audio here.

I attended Da’s investiture for his Order of Australia medal at Government House in Adelaide last month. It was a formal affair, only interrupted by the clearly audible “well done Moose!” from His Excellency Rear Admiral Governor Kevin Scarce whilst pinning the medal to Da’s proud breast.

This somewhat insignificant comment has more relevance when you know that Da requested his medal be engraved with “Moose” but the “powers that be” deemed it unsuitable. (He was cited in the programme however as Lt. Col. Graham “Moose” Dunlop). I have to admit I did let out a little chuckle when this was heard to echo around the plush surrounds of Government house.

Plus, I almost burst with pride. Congratulations Da.

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