I received a call from channel 7 this morning.

The researcher for the Sunday Night programme, Stephen Tucker invited me to be in the audience for the debate that will constitute this Sunday’s show. This is in response to the substantial negative feedback Channel 7 received accusing the story of bias, one-sided journalism, badly researched, etc etc. You know the drill (you can see details of some of the correspondence here or go to the Australian Vaccination Network website and search for channel 7).

I held my breath as I asked him who was going to be on the panel and he said a paediatrician (I think he said the one who looked after Dana) but Meryl Dorey was not invited. To my surprise and relief, he said they only wanted people with a science background on the panel. Furthermore, they were having a hard time finding a Dr who thought vaccinations were bad. He relayed to me, out of those he had called, some had mentioned there could be some more research, but they all stated there was no link between vaccinations and autism.

To reiterate,

Meryl Dorey will not be on the panel

Channel 7 only want people with a science background on the panel

Channel 7 are having trouble finding a doctor to say that vaccination is bad

I hope they stand their ground on these issues.

If you are going to be on the audience, please take the time to familiarise yourself with the anti-vaxers tactics. There is a link here to the AVN’s response to the story. In brief they use conspiracy theories, screech about toxins in our vaccines, refer to Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Oprah and Larry King Live as credible sources, and exclaim that as educated well research parents, they demand a CHOICE!

You’ve heard it all before.

Please take the time to read this. It’s an invaluable tool for preparing yourself with the neccesary information to counter their arguments.

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