You can join the Facebook page, Stop the AVN and sign the petition here. Dana McCaffery’s facebook page is here. A website dedicated to her memory is here.

Some good links which offer information about vaccination;

The Australian Government’s publication, Myths and Realities about Vaccination (pdf)

The Truth About the Evils of Vaccination

The Australian Immunisation handbook for health professionals

Vaccinate your baby

Mind Body Spirit
To see the Code of Conduct which was introduced by the NSW Department of Health in August 2008 click here (pdf file). I talked about this legislation on last week’s episode of Dr Rachie Reports.

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour
For more information about Alison O’Born, visit her website at which also has an interview with Richard Saunders.

To find more information about the Adelaide Gaol Torchlight tours, phone the gaol on (Adelaide) 8231 4062 or go to their webiste

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