Brian Dunning of Skeptoid tweeted this link this morning. It’s to an online diploma mill, Thunderwood College, where you can choose a degree and get an instant diploma, just like mine below.

Of course, I was compelled to chose one from the Alternative Medicine School in the discipline of “Holistics”, even though I don’t really know what this means. But you might like a Doctor of Science in cryptozoology, or therapeutic touch, divinity, magnetic therapy, parapsychology or podcast production. They also offer more mainstream qualifications such as accounting and mathematics, but it’s much more fum to have a diploma in Feng Shui or acupuncture and acupressure, don’t you think?

By the way, a big fat clue that this site does not take itself seriously appears in the splash on the home page*;

Click on the image for better resolution. The text says; “At Thunderwood College, you’ll find no attractive women on benches, Neither will you find an exciting dance program or other fine arts. Thunderwood College lacks a diverse teaching staff. This picture represents college life in some way. Other institutions waste money on frivolous pursuits like “fun”.

He he.

*And also the fact that Brian Dunning appears to sign the diplomas might be a small give-away

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