Hopefully not like this. Any guesses who the respondent might be?

This comment was posted to a health discussion group in response to a telemarketer calling to ask for donations for breast cancer awareness month.

“I think they end up being sorry that they ever called me because I don’t just say no, I tell them why 🙂 I say that I work for a children’s charity that is involved in preventing cancer and that in 50 years, the cancer council and other bodies have done nothing. Cancer is more prevalent today then it was when they started to supposedly research and if I am going to be making a donation, I want it to go to a good cause, not just to line the pockets of some researcher who has no interest in actually seeing their research come to fruition rather than just keeping themselves in a job. They don’t know what to say… But hopefully, it makes them think that maybe there is more to this cancer stuff then they were told?”.

(emphasis mine, I’m off to line my pockets with public donations).

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