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In what seems like a match made in hell and should send shivers down the spine of any rational sensible science based person, the AVN is teaming up with super quack homeopath Fran Sheffield to host a webinar entitled “The Homeopathic Treatment of Autism”.

For the first time, it is free to register for this webinar which is sponsored by the AVN and scheduled for December 2nd from 7 – 9 pm AEST.

I encourage you to sign up here and consider live tweeting the webinar as it happens, using the hashtag #autismAVN. If you do plan to live tweet, leave a message so I can gather up your tweets and publish them as a blog post after the event.

By the way, I was alerted to this event via the Homeopathy Plus e-newsletter which you can also sign up to here.

Readers will recall that the AVN and their president Meryl Dorey were awarded the 2009 Australian Skeptics Bent Spoon award as “the perpetrator(s) of the most preposterous piece of paranormal or pseudo-scientific piffle”. You can read all the details of the reasons why they were given this prestigious award here.

Fran Sheffield has also had a complaint lodged about some hocus-pocus claims made on her website to the TGA in Australia. One regarding nonsense pertaining to the effectiveness of homeopathic immunisation for meningococcal disease is currently languishing with the TGA as they go about dealing with threats to public safety at a glacial pace.

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