First up, sorry for a lack of blogging of late. I have been extremely busy flitting across the world to various conventions and conferences and work has been mental.

I’m soon to trek back to the US (for the third time this year) to attend a conference on BMAA and MND, a project I am enjoying working on immensely. I’ve written about this before over at Skeptic Zoners and talked about it on ABC Radio if you are interested to hear more details. No doubt I will have more to report from the picturesque Jackson Hole in Wyoming in early October when I meet with collaborators for the 7th Annual BMAA conference.

In the meantime, I have several manuscripts on the cusp of being returned for final review, after additional experiments were completed to satisfy reviewers’ comments. For a humorous take on how (not to) respond to these critiques, see PhD Comics Addressing Reviewers’ Comments, a copy of which is permanently taped in close proximity to my laptop.

I’m currently also in the midst of doing some research for another unrelated project (the details which I am unable to reveal just yet) and as such have been sorting through my stash of pamphlets, flyers and brochures collected from multiple trips to Mind Body Wallet festivals.

I just came across this one and simply had to share it. It’s a derivative of the old adage of “Things your doctor won’t tell you!!!” or “What the pharmaceutical industry is hiding!!!”. You know the type of screed that steals all the exclamation marks from the internetz.

It’s from a photocopied document entitled “Know Miracle II” which contains some garden variety woo about alkaline water curing everything. It then details how amazing this stuff is, and all the things it can cure. You know the phrase you couldn’t make this shit up? Well don’t worry readers, you don’t have to cause it’s already written here for you!

Okay, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.  Enjoy. My comments follow in blue.

• Human bodies that have been been on Miracle-II (M-2) have been checked through esoteric programs via MD and naturopath….with the report, “Best results of any tests, regardless of age!”

Esoteric? Best results? Wha?

• Radionics machines find M-2 off the chart


• Independent university testing by NE Louisiana University five years ago determined that M-2 neutralizer neutralizes cobra venom and anthrax.

Citation needed

• World governments have contacted the formulator, taking samples home, in an attempt to break the formula….North Korea, China, the President and Health Minister of Liberia, and most recently, a team from Israel.

Jebus, all these scary governments have scary water with an alkaline pH? ARGHH.

But this one truly takes the cake.

• US Biological and Germ Warfare has contacted the formulator demanding he reveal the formula. His answer. “God told me not to tell anyone” still stands.


There’s more, but I’m on the floor and unable to breathe.

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