Aussies who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Phil Plait’s wonderful Discovery show Bad Universe, you’re in for a treat!

Bad Universe will be screening here in 2011 on Foxtel/Austar. I’ve just been advised that the first episode, Asteroid Apocalypse, will screen on Discovery Channel on Sunday January 16th at 7:30 pm. Alien Attack follows a week later (7:30 pm on 23 January 2011) then Death Stars on 30 January 2011 also at 7:30 pm (check local guides for details).

Don’t miss the first episode where Phil destroys Sydney with an asteroid. Don’t blame him, it was the producers idea. Sure Phil. Holy haleakala to you too.

Thank you to Mark Dawson for the tip off.

#1 Sydney in Peril!

Cartoon by Richard Saunders

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