This week an interview with Jenny McCarthy was published in Time Magazine.

No surprises here, she continues to bang on about the link between autism and vaccination, despite there being no scientific evidence.

But science is not something that seems to bother Jenny, ex-Playboy model, bit-actress and now best selling author (*shudder*). You see, she possess what she terms a “Mommy instinct” and this means she knows all, even more than all the doctors and scientists of this world.

What surprised me about this holier than though “Mommy” was her repeated dropping of the “F” bomb throughout the interview. Not very “Mommy”-like in my opinion. One would have thought it appropriate to be on your best behaviour should the respectable Time Magazine come knocking.

I do believe sadly it’s going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe. If the vaccine companies are not listening to us, it’s their f___ing fault that the diseases are coming back. They’re making a product that’s s___. If you give us a safe vaccine, we’ll use it. It shouldn’t be polio versus autism.

Wash your mouth out with soap young lady. Mind you, I thought Time let her get away with some pretty crazy claims without challenging them.

Most people who blame autism on vaccines point to the mercury in the shots, yet mercury has been removed from most vaccines and autism rates continue to climb.

We don’t believe it’s only the mercury. Aluminum and other toxins also play a role. The viruses in the vaccines themselves can be causing it, too.

You can read the entire interview here.

Scientists and defenders of reason have been debunking Jenny’s misinformed nonsense for some time now. The latest installment being the “Jenny McCarthy Body Count” website.

The website will publish the total number of vaccine preventable illnesses and vaccine preventable deaths that have happened since June 2007 when she began publicly speaking out against vaccines.

You can also visit for more information about the scaremongering continued by this potty-mouthed mommy.

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  • Chris

    My mommy instincts totally failed me. I thought my toddler was on the mend from what is now a vaccine preventable disease when he had his major seizure. Now he is permanently disabled.
    My issue with Ms. McCarthy is that her son had his seizures when he was well over two and a half, but she blames the MMR vaccine he had over a year before! Not a day. Not a week. Not a month… but over a year before!
    So how good are her “mommy instincts” when she makes a serious error like that?
    Oh, I noticed in your wall of text that you said

    You know they use to think Iron in paint was safe too. They were proved really wrong on that score weren’t they.

    Actually the metal was lead. It is completely different. Iron is actually okay dokay. If you have low iron you have anemia (it is an essential part of your blood).

  • Trudy

    You scoff at “mommy instints”.. I’m guessing your male or at the very least childless.. Mother Instints are very real.. When my grown son was 6 months old I continuely presented him to my doctor over the course of a week, concerned that something was not right with his breathing only to be told I was “narotic” and to go home, after all he was the doctor and knew better then me. The next day I rushed my son to the hospital because his breathing was laboured. When the doctor on rounds took a look and listen to my sons chest he start screaming orders to everyone in the hospital. Apparently my sons lung had collasped. Because of this misdiagonsis my son nearly died. Doctors don’t always know what the hell they are talking about. The are not “Gods” and they DO make mistakes. This point was driven home to us yet again when another doctor refused to listen to my daughter when she continually presented with my grandson complaining about his smelly breath, snoring (he was 2 at the time) and the fact that he wasn’t eating no matter what she placed in front of him. Surprise Surprise, upon being referred to a specialist (which I might add she had to threaten the doctor to get)she learnt that my grandson needs his tonsils & adnodes out & gromets putting in. The specialist explained that all the symtoms my daughter was concerned about were infact loud signs that my grandson had real problems. Scienists? Wasn’t it Scienists that invent the atomic bomb that killed millions at the end of World War II. Didn’t they invent Agent Orange, which killed millions in Vietnam.WWas it not scienists that invented the sadistic ways they killed the Jews in Germany in World War II. These guys get most of their funding from Pharmaceutical Companies, who make these vaccines. So who are they going to support do you think?
    So scoff all you like about a “mothers Instint”.. you obviously know jackshit! Oh sorry did I say a bad word.. As for vaccines not causing trouble, that’s a uneducated comment as well. Think about it, they are actually injecting into little childrens bodies the actual virus they are vaccinating against. They do not give these vaccines on each individual childs weight. Each child receives the exact same amount regards of how big or small they are. I have a niece & nephew who are allergic to the whopping cough vaccine & cannot have it. I know a woman who can not have the tetanus injection because of an adverse reaction to it. So why don’t you do your research before getting on here & mouthing off with your crude comments. As for her swearing. I say the “F” word when I am frustrated & upset. She had ever reason to be both. As for the mercury statement. You know they use to think Iron in paint was safe too. They were proved really wrong on that score weren’t they. Who would have thought the health problems the basic old table salt would have on people. And Kelly I’m sorry you have such a fight on you hands with your sons autism. I can’t even imagine how your life must be. But maybe instead of berating the fact that she has money, you should be happy that people with money also suffer the same fate as us poor lesser mortals. Because it is the fact that she has money that gives her the freedom to put Autism in people faces the way she does. We are all given tough things to cope with in life. The difference between some is that there are those that will face their obstacles head on & work at them & find ways to take positives out of their negatives. And then there are those that will just sit on their butts & bemoan their fate. I am speaking from the prospective that I too have had massive obstacles placed infront of my too. I choose to learn from them, find the positive, & got on with life. Be thankful Jenny McCathy is drawing attention to something alot of people thought was a poor excuse for “Bad Behaviour” in some children, until people like Jenny McCathy spoke out.
    My last word. You know what I hate. That society (people like all of you),seems to love to build these people up, place them on a pedistool, then see how fast you can ripe them to pieces & tier them down. Get a life. There are far more important things in this life to place your time and energy on!!!!

  • Shannon

    I always thought she was a big bully and a squawking fool back in the days of “singled out”. Now I know I was right.

  • Kelly

    Jenny McCarthy needs to be stopped. I hate the fact that when people hear the word autism they will think of this bloody idiot! Lets put the spot light on a real family dealing with autism. How about a family that struggles everyday to just survive? How about a family that has lost their home or bankrupted their assets to pay for therapy? How about a family with more than one child or more than one autistic child? How about a family that doesn’t have a nanny to look after their child? The therapies that do help children are being ignored because of her(and others like her) lies and the thousands she has deceived into believing her. People need to accept the fact that their genetic makeup is the cause of their child’s affliction. I know it’s hard to accept this fact….believe me….we still struggle with this realization everyday, knowing that we’re the cause of our sons’ autism.

  • That first bit you quoted was the funniest. If she just did a tiny iddy bit of research she’d discover that vaccines are in fact safe, so her claim of “if they’re safe, we’ll use it” is a complete and utter load of bollocks.

    I’d actually like to know what exactly it would take to convince her a particular vaccine was in fact safe after a claim like that.

  • I would like to say her best work was on her back but she was pretty ordinary even then.