This week an interview with Jenny McCarthy was published in Time Magazine.

No surprises here, she continues to bang on about the link between autism and vaccination, despite there being no scientific evidence.

But science is not something that seems to bother Jenny, ex-Playboy model, bit-actress and now best selling author (*shudder*). You see, she possess what she terms a “Mommy instinct” and this means she knows all, even more than all the doctors and scientists of this world.

What surprised me about this holier than though “Mommy” was her repeated dropping of the “F” bomb throughout the interview. Not very “Mommy”-like in my opinion. One would have thought it appropriate to be on your best behaviour should the respectable Time Magazine come knocking.

I do believe sadly it’s going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe. If the vaccine companies are not listening to us, it’s their f___ing fault that the diseases are coming back. They’re making a product that’s s___. If you give us a safe vaccine, we’ll use it. It shouldn’t be polio versus autism.

Wash your mouth out with soap young lady. Mind you, I thought Time let her get away with some pretty crazy claims without challenging them.

Most people who blame autism on vaccines point to the mercury in the shots, yet mercury has been removed from most vaccines and autism rates continue to climb.

We don’t believe it’s only the mercury. Aluminum and other toxins also play a role. The viruses in the vaccines themselves can be causing it, too.

You can read the entire interview here.

Scientists and defenders of reason have been debunking Jenny’s misinformed nonsense for some time now. The latest installment being the “Jenny McCarthy Body Count” website.

The website will publish the total number of vaccine preventable illnesses and vaccine preventable deaths that have happened since June 2007 when she began publicly speaking out against vaccines.

You can also visit for more information about the scaremongering continued by this potty-mouthed mommy.

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