Tim Minchin rocks.

I had the pleasure of seeing Tim Minchin last night, in his new show, “Ready for this?”. We had second row seats, which meant we almost got hit by a flying fan when he kicked it off stage!

Tim burst onto the stage with a song about “who needs a band anyway?” then jumped straight onto the grand piano, for a 2 hour show.

Highlights included a song he described as being about prejudice, the chorus containing the letters, N, E, G, R, G, I, recited. After about 3 choruses, he revealed the word as “Ginger” much to the great amusement of the audience. This of course turned in Ginga, then Ranga and every other incarnation of red-headed people. The chorus melded into; “only a ginga can call another ginga a ginga”.

Scattered throughout the performance were references to science and scepticism. Of course, Tim is well known for his sceptical outlook.

During the guest performance for “Bears don’t dig on dancing” by a competition winner, he asked the pharmacy worker what was his favourite non-evidence based product was. But before the kid dressed in a full body beat suit had a chance to answer, Tim fired back; “That was a big pause (paws)”.

The highlight for me was definitely the 9 minute beat poem, “Storm” a tale of a North London dinner pary where Tim meets a hippie who dismisses science for all things woo. Sitting next to Richard, I almost burst during this number. Pure brilliance.

I urge you to catch Tim on the remainder of his Australian tour, if you haven’t yet.

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