This post will be an on-going collection of some of the claims made in the promotional material produced by Lifewave.

The title refers to my exclamation after having read the quote below, it sounded to me like someone had put a whole lot of bullshit in a hat and pulled out words at random.

Hold onto your seats folks. This will shock and amaze you. You couldn’t make this stuff up (well maybe you could, maybe they did?).

Let’s begin.

1) From Swift, May 27th, 2005. James Randi’s blog on the JREF. The following is an excerpt from an explanation of how Lifewave patches work.

“..More specifically what happens is that the human magnetic field passes through the patches, and this field causes the organic array inside of the patches to begin to vibrate (like an antenna). This is how the resonant energy transfer affects the frequency modulation in the human energy field”.


I will continue to update this post as I find more nuggets on the internet. I assure you readers, this will be fun and just a little bit scary…

Please note: if you come across some Lifewave gold, email or message me. I’ll happily add it.


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