It seems like it been ages since my Shorty Award win on March 3rd in New York City, in the category of health.

Since I was unable to attend the ceremony, the organisers, Sawhorse Media, kindly arranged to have my trophy shipped to me here in Sydney. They even sent me a tracking notice on April 3rd to advise it was being shipped it. I was very excited!

After much anticipation and checking my pigeon hole every day, I was very pleased to see a dirty big box sitting atop it today as I sashayed past to attend an hour long seminar. I wanted to tear the box open then and there but I doubt the speaker would have been very impressed to be interrupted by tearing cardboard and tape.

So instead I did what any self respecting Shorty winner would do and tweeted!

Finally the seminar ended and I struggled with the layers of tape and padding to reveal the sleek glass trophy – only to find my name was incorrectly spelt. Bugger.

My name is spelled RachAel not “el”. A small thing you might say, but something that just bugs me and has done for my 39 years on the planet.

It’s a shame too, because clearly Sawhorse went to the trouble of ensuring they had spelt my name properly. How do I know this? Because the three shipping dockets on the box were all spelled correctly, the programme from the night was correct, an indiscriminate label on the box was correct, even the box the trophy came packed in had my name written twice in thick black texta and it was spelled correctly. Unfortunately whoever engraved the glass was not quite as meticulous.

Oh well. I guess I can’t really complain. I mean over @27bslash6 – his arrived in 2 pieces!

But bless my mates, they came to the rescue of my disappointment. Thanks to @weezmgk who ‘shopped this one.

Then ‘shopped it better!

And some lovely folks even tweeted the Shortys to ask for a replacement.

But on the bright side, even if the award is missing an “a” at least it doesn’t say Mercola or Health Ranger!

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who made this award possible.

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