Last week, Meryl Dorey, President of the AVN announced the group would close its doors “on or near February 28th” citing monetary issues as the primary reason. This week, after several emails pleading with her members to step up and donate, or at least pledge to donate, she sent out an e-newsletter where she outlined what has been a tough year for her and the AVN.

In it she explains that;

“Approximately 12 months ago, an unremitting campaign of harassment began with a complaint filed by an anonymous complainant against the AVN with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR)….This whole situation came to a head about 7 months ago when a complaint was filed against both the AVN and myself with the HCCC. ….there have been an unending string of complaints filed against both myself and the AVN every time I’m on either the radio, TV or in newspapers. Without fail, the media will receive complaints stating that they should not be interviewing someone like myself who is not only anti-vaccine (in their words), but under investigation to boot!”


“The people who are behind these attacks are, in my own personal opinion, totally without morals and ethics.”

For a complete and delicious take down of this special pleading email, please head over to @fuzztwin’s post, which precisely and thoroughly destroys her public baa-ing.

The post you see at the top of this blog was the hard-copy version of the article, which also appeared in the online edition of the Daily Telegraph under the headline; “Anti-vaccination group to collapse” (which I like much better as you might have guessed).

anti-vax collapse

Naturally Meryl was very disappointed in this article, telling her email group that;

“I knew I could count on Kate Sikora and the Daily Telegraph to get it all wrong – even when the information was provided to them in writing. One has to wonder how much pharmaceutical advertising the Daily Telegraph takes in every day and whether that would have any influence on the anti-choice, anti-science stance taken by papers such as the Telegraph?”

(Zing! Big Pharma shill accusation)


“The people on Australia are done a great disservice by this article and by the Telegraph’s continual refusal to allow science-based data on the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines to be published.” (1)

Funny that, I thought it was quite accurate. What was interesting was that according to the article:

“Contacted twice for comment yesterday, Ms Dorey referred The Daily Telegraph to her email.”

So she opted to not even speak to the journalist.

The comments also make for some interesting reading. I’ll bet Meryl would have preferred the one below didn’t get approved, especially since she is desperately trying to shake off the conspiracy theory tag which has recently stuck to her.

Boldarn of N.QLD Posted at 10:36 AM February 16, 2010
As corporate and government lies are exposed increasingly , NWO advocates are panicking and attacking anyone who does not go along with their fascist rules . The mandatory fluoridation of all drinking waters is an important tool of globalists , as it effects the pineal glad ( gland for free thinking ). A fluoridated population is less likely to question anything and is easier to “manage” as NWO policies are rolled out over once free nations . Vaccines play a huge part in Agenda 21 – the NWO population control plan .Good on ya , Meryl Dorey , for your great effort an work ! Please contact me , I am also an activist & would like to send you my free poetry for your use . Peace –Boldarn

I also liked these two;

stewart cooper Posted at 7:49 AM February 16, 2010

Gee, I didn’t know Dick Smith had research level medical qualifications? Do people really listen to this self appointed know all? Witch hunting is alive and well in medieval NSW.

the response being;

Tom c of Sydney Posted at 9:53 AM February 16, 2010

Gee, I didn’t know Meryl dorey had research level medical qualifications? Do people really listen to this self appointed know all? (Hyperlink, mine)

Perhaps Meryl has lost her trust in the media. Maybe because they have ceased taking her information on face value and are beginning to realise she is not someone they should be consulting on issues of vaccine effectiveness and safety. Maybe Meryl’s time in the spotlight is drawing to a close.

Still, with the results of two complaints with the HCCC and the OLGR auditing the AVN this week, there are likely much more serious things for her to deal with.

If you missed the interview that I did with Ian Woolf from Diffusion Radio about the AVN and their impending downfall you can listen to it online here.


(1) Message # 42231, sent Monday February 15th, 2010 11:53 pm

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